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Ride luxury in an affordable way

Wystle offers the widest range of car categories of any ride-hailing service in the capital. From familiar categories featuring Toyota Hybrid’s and Ford Galaxy’s to the most extensive range of executive vehicles available on an app in the UK, Wystle has the right category for your journey, whatever the destination.
Wystle rewards loyalty, with an extensive program of offers and benefits for those who choose to travel with us frequently. From collecting miles to bonus rides, we ensure those that ride with Wystle are rewarded.

  • London based

    Founded in the capital & created for Londeners.

  • Rewarding rides

    Earn Wystle miles while riding and bump to premium classes.

  • Range of vehicles

    Cars range from traditional hybrids in the Wystle category to luxury options in Wystle Select.

  • Book for someone else

    Now you can book a Wystle for your friends and family from any corner of the city to bring ease to their journey.

  • Wystle Hire

    Now you can hire a Wystle for as many hours you wish and take the driver along to finish your day's tasks.

How to book Wystle

Checkout easy way to Wystle your ride

Open the app, request a car, jump in and relax. Wystle has flexible car and payment options to suit what you
need, when you need it.

  • Enter Destination
  • Choose car and request a ride
  • Enjoy your Trip

Introducing Wystle Hire

Wystle is the first ride-hailing app in the UK to all offer chauffeured vehicles by the hour. Choose from 2, 4 or 8 hour hire sessions, sit back and let our best-in-class drivers take you where you need to go.

  • 2 Hours

    2 Hours

    Wystle------------ £ 60 for 30 Miles

    Wystle+-----------£ 80 for 30 Miles

    Wystle Exec------ £ 80 for 30 Miles

    Wystle Elite------ £ 100 for 30 Miles

    Wystle Select---- £ 400 for 30 Miles

  • 4 Hours

    4 Hours

    Wystle------------ £ 110 for 60 Miles

    Wystle+-----------£ 150 for 60 Miles

    Wystle Exec------ £ 150 for 60 Miles

    Wystle Elite------ £ 180 for 60 Miles

    Wystle Select---- £ 750 for 60 Miles

  • 8 Hours

    8 Hours

    Wystle---------- £ 220 for 100 Miles

    Wystle+---------£ 280 for 100 Miles

    Wystle Exec---- £ 280 for 100 Miles

    Wystle Elite---- £ 350 for 100 Miles

    Wystle Select-- £ 1200 for 100 Miles

Loyalty program

We know that there are lots of options for those travelling in the capital, and we want to make those that ride with us feel rewarded for choosing to travel with Wystle. That’s why we’ve introduced a marketing leading loyalty program, to reward you for choosing us.

For every ride you take with Wystle, you earn Wystle Miles. Once you reach a milestone by accumulating Wystle Miles, Wystle will upgrade you to the next Car Category.

Refer friends to Wystle and they’ll get *£4 ride voucher when they sign up using your referral code. When they take their first ride, you’ll receive *£4 ride voucher.

*Both the referrer and referee earn £4 on every successful referral. A referral is deemed successful when the referee enters the referral code and takes their first ride in the UK anytime until 31st July 2020, 23:59 hrs. The reward vouchers once generated have a validity of 30 days. The vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.
Refer friends to Wystle and they’ll get *£4 ride voucher when they sign up using your referral code. When they take their first ride, you’ll receive *£4 ride voucher.

*Both the referrer and referee earn £4 on every successful referral. A referral is deemed successful when the referee enters the referral code and takes their first ride in the UK anytime until 31st July 2020, 23:59 hrs. The reward vouchers once generated have a validity of 30 days. The vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. The vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Car Categories

  • Wystle
    Our standard car category car, with all of the familiar features. Perfect for groups of up to 4 travelling with limited luggage.
  • Wystle+
    Our slightly larger vehicles accommodate groups of up to 6 people, perfect for travelling with friends. These roomier are cars which have more space in the boot and are ideal for those travelling with a few extra bags.
  • Wystle Exec
    Our executive category features vehicles including the Iconic Mercedes E Class. These cars offer a slightly more roomy and luxurious way to travel, great for moving between business meetings or traveling with colleagues.
  • Wystle Elite
    Our elite category offers an even more premium selection of vehicles, for those looking to travel to their destination in style and comfort. Vehicles in this category include S class.
  • Wystle Select
    Our top tier category, Wystle Select, offers an unparalleled range of luxury vehicles, all at the press of a button. From Rolls Royce Phantoms to Bentley Mulsanne’s, Wystle Select is the ultimate option for first class travel.


  • In which cities are we available?

    Wystle is operating in London, Greater London including all London airports. Keep an eye on our website for the latest updates.

  • How do I edit my personal information for example, my email address or phone number?

    You can change this information in account settings.

  • How can I delete my account?

    On the app or the website, there is an option to permanently delete your account in account settings.

  • How can I update or save an address?

    You can change this information in account settings.

  • How can I save my preferred pick-up or drop-off location?

    You can change this information in account settings under my address.

  • I have had an issue with my pick-up, what should I do now?

    You should contact the driver using the number provided to see if they are having problems. If you cannot reach them, cancel the ride and request another, but make sure to log that you have had problems with the original pick-up and Wystle will ensure there are no cancellation fees.

  • How can I book a ride in advance?

    Yes – open the app, select your desired destination and pick the car category you prefer. Once this is done, select ‘book in advance’ and choose the desired time you would like to be picked up.

  • Do your drivers have child seats in their vehicles?

    If your child is also a passenger, you will need to bring your own car seat.

  • Can i make a detour or stop during a ride?

    Yes you can – while you are on your way to your destination, simply ask the driver to stop where you would like to or to take a specific route, and they will do their best to accommodate you.

  • How can I change my destination address?

    During your ride, simply change the destination in the app and inform the driver where you would like to go instead. Please be aware this may add additional costs to your ride if it is further away and requires tolls.

  • Can I travel with an animal?

    Travelling with an animal is entirely at your drivers discretion, so it’s best to use the messaging facility within the app to check this before they arrive with you. Service dogs are always welcome to travel with Wystle.

  • How can I leave a tip for my driver?

    Once your ride has finished, the app will give you the option to tip and rate your driver.

  • How does the Central London Fee work?

    All private hire vehicles now need to pay the Congestion Charge when driving in Central London.

  • How are my fares calculated?

    The fare is calculated based on a number of factors as outlined above, using an algorithm based on previous rides passengers have taken on similar routes.

  • It has said that my card payment failed, what should I do?

    If your card payment has failed, you should contact your credit or debit card provider or try another card. If the problem persists and you have contacted your bank to ensure your card is working, please contact (care@wystle.co.uk).

  • I am unable to add a card, what should I do?

    You can either try an alternate card, or if the problem persists, please contact (care@wystle.co.uk).

  • Is the price estimation always exact?

    No – while we try to estimate each fare as accurately as possible, we cannot ensure the exact fare will work out the same. However, we take many steps to be as accurate as possible and are always trying to improve our service as more people take rides.

  • The driver took a longer route and now I have been charged extra for it, why?

    We cannot guarantee that all our rides will be the same price – sometimes, unexpected occurrences that are out of our control such as accidents, traffic or other problems require a longer route and the driver has to travel further. While your driver will do their best to ensure this does not negatively affect the passenger, sometimes it is unavoidable and is the case with all ride-hailing.

  • How can I dispute a fee?

    To dispute a fee, you can email (care@wystle.co.uk) with your receipt and order number, and we will investigate and determine whether your claim is valid.

  • Mandatory Face Coverings for Wystle?

    We ask all drivers and passengers to wear a face covering at all times. Our drivers have the right to refuse to carry passengers without a face mask.

  • Can a minor travel alone?

    Minors (under 16) cannot travel alone with Wystle, they must be accompanied by a parent or guardian over the age of 18.

  • Wystle has charged me but the status is showing as pending?

    At the point when you request a ride, Wystle may put a transitory hold of funds for you to validate that your payment method is legitimate. This is called an pre-authorisation hold. The pre-authorisation hold may show as a "pending" charge on your account. Generally, the hold is from £1 to the original charged sum. When the ride is finished, the pre-authorisation hold is changed over to a charge. The pre-authorisation hold will be invalid by Wystle if the ride is cancelled. At the point when a charge is invalid, it might require 3 to 5 working days to see the Pending Charge on your bank statement to disappear. The time it takes is dependant on your bank's procedure, so if you might want to enquire about a particular transaction on your statement, please contact your bank.

  • Is my bank and credit card data secured with Wystle?

    Yes. We’ll never share your information with anyone without your permission.

  • Do you charge a cancellation fee?

    Yes, we charge a minimum fee of £5 for cancellation. This applies 5 minutes after the agreed pick up time. The cancellation charges are £5 (Wystle), £8 (WystlePlus & Exec), £10 (WystleElite) and £50 (WystleSelect).

  • How do I raise an alert during a ride?

    We have a number of security measures available in our app, from sharing your location with a friend or family member to cross checking the license details of your driver. However in the case of an emergency, you can raise an alert from the app, the SOSemergency button is visible throughout your whole ride on the main screen.

  • Are there wait time fees?

    YES In some locations, a per-minute wait time fee will apply if your driver has to wait for you after he or she has arrived at your location. This fee will begin after your driver has been waiting for two minutes and will be charged at a specified rate.
    Yes. Our wait times vary depending on the car category that you have ordered.
    Wystle, Wystle += £ 0.25/Minute
    Wystle Exec = £0.30/min
    Wystle Elite= £0.50/Min
    Wystle Select=£1/min

  • What additional fees are there on rides?

    Toll Fees The final fare you see in the app includes applicable toll fees that you will take on your route. These prices are based on the cost price of any electronic toll you may encounter (e.g. the Dartford Crossing or an airport drop off area, Congestion Charge etc). All flat fare final costs will exclude tolls. Booking Fees The final fare you see in the app includes your booking fee.

  • Can I request more than one ride?

    You can request multiple rides at a time and even request cars for friends through your app.

  • How do I pay for my ride?

    You can pay for your ride using a credit/debit card.

  • What is the Cancellation Fee for Wystle?

    The cancellation fee is £5.

  • What is the Congestion charge for Wystle?

    The congestion charge when riding with Wystle is £1.50

  • Can I use Apple/Google pay on the app?

    Yes, you can pay with Apple/Google pay via the app.

  • Can the driver refuse to accept me?

    In some exceptional situations, your drive might need to refuse your journey. We try to avoid this at all costs but a few examples of reasons why your journey may be refused include:
    • The number of passengers exceeds the number of seats available in the car
    • Excessive luggage or the transport of bulky items that are not suitable for VTC cars
    • The presence of an animal
    • The presence of children without a car seat
    • The presence of an unaccompanied minor
    • Inappropriate behaviour
    • An advanced state of drunkenness.

  • I need to report a safety incident, how can I do this?

    If you have a safety incident you would like to report, you can contact (care@wystle.co.uk) and we will respond to you as soon as possible. We take these complaints very seriously and will treat every case individually.

  • How do I order a ride for another person?

    Simply order directly through your own account and share the driver details with the rider using the Book a ride for someone else Feature.. The ride's final fare will be debited from your account.

  • How much is my ride likely to cost?

    Wystle offers fair and clear prices for our riders, an approximate journey cost is always displayed on our app ahead of you confirming your journey, so you’ve always got a good steer on the total price before travelling.
    The cost of your ride can vary depending on a number of factors including location, distance and detours – however, we aim to calculate all fares on a case by case basis and ensure consistency.

  • How do ETAs work?

    Before a trip starts, your app provides an estimated time of arrival, letting you know where your driver currently is and how soon they should be with you. After your trip starts, your app provides an ETA for when you should arrive at your destination. Please note that ETA times are estimates and not guaranteed. A variety of external factors like heavy traffic or road construction can impact travel time.

  • How are fares calculated?

    A booking fee and any applicable surcharges, fees, and tolls are also calculated and included in the price estimate you see. When you request a ride, you agree to be charged the fare when the trip ends. Your fare may increase if you travel to a different destination or make extra stops along the route.

  • How do I rate my driver?

    In the app at the end of each trip, or at the bottom of your emailed receipt, you'll be able to rate your driver from 1 to 5 stars. You can also provide specific feedback about the trip or your driver if you wish to.

  • How can I reset my Password?

    On the app or the website, you can reset your password in account settings.

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